Day 137

Looking back, I think the process of healing of mental disease, like atypical bipolar is quite similar to solving jigsaw puzzle.

Normally, when you play the puzzle, you would work on constructing the border first. This gives you a defined space you can work on with remaining pieces.

Core habits or lifestyles, those fundamentals make you feel better and happier, is like constructing the border. Then, you can work on remaining puzzles in more focused and effective way.

For me, below is the core habits which I know from experience that will have huge impact on the severity of my status.

  1. Quality sleep – 6+ hours sleep with at least 2 hours deep sleep
  2. Regular work-out – 20 min minimum exercise (hopefully) everyday excluding 8,000 steps walking
  3. Quite time – having some quite time reading a book or watching Netflix
  4. No drinking or controlled drinking – not get drunk gives huge confidence boost

With these habits, I can maintain “the good mood” and mindfulness so that I can deal with any day-to-day crisis or problems on hand.

Huge lessons learned from the journey.


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