Day 97

I thought I was cured. I also thought my blogging about atypical bipolar journey was ended on day 67.

But, here I’m back – 97th day since the diagnosis.

Things have been improved a lot cause I figured out my own silver linings playbook. Lifestyle changes which I am still trying to adopt.

Here are things improved and things I still need to improve.

Things improved
1. More awareness of emotions / thoughts
2. Ability to step back – breathe and meditate – if I become aware mania or depression is coming
3. Focus level
4. No more tears
5. Less anger

Things need more time
1. Consistency in wake up, sleeping time
2. Frequency of exercise, especially the outdoor one
3. Less caffeine
4. Meet more people outside of my day to day circle
5. Journaling

Actually, since I spoke with Amy the other day, my good habits went down a bit cause she brought up some topics I am trying to avoid. Since then, I have been suffering a lot of “thinking” which obviously not a positive thing for me.

However, I think I will get over it once again as I did it before.

Today, I received one month worth of medicine from the doctor and I am ready for the final shake off of this disease.

Let’s go!


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