One of the best buy this year is PMI’s iQOS. Heated tobacco, lowering harmful chemicals by heating the tobacco under 350 celcius, without combustion.

More than 20+ years of smoking habit, this is truly a game changer for me. I used to smoke 3 to 4 cigarettes per day, maybe more when drinking. I stopped smoking a while here and there but always come back with many creative excuses to pick up the bad habit.

I tried almost every methods to try to quit but miserably failed.

Feeling guilty and disappointed with bad smell.

Not anymore.

Here are quick benefits after changing to iQOS.

  1. No smell – worst thing about smoking cigarette to me was the smell. iQOS, the residue of smell is far less – only on the device itself and in the mouth. Asked around others and they said they couldn’t notice.
  2. Less addictive – after switching to iQOS, I am only smoking 1 or 2 per day or even 0. Somehow I can control addiction better. Maybe the difference in taste and visual has some effect?
  3. Save time – I don’t need to go out. At work it’s more than 10 minutes of waste of time. But iQOS, I can smoke in the restroom. 5 min maximum.
  4. Less harmful – Maybe it’s a hoax but I can feel that this is less harmful than regular cigarette. In the morning I feel the difference as well as while I am doing the exercise.

My goal is eventually becoming a true social iQOS smoker. Let’s see how it goes.


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