Wireless music experience rocks

It’s been a while

Since, enjoying music is integral part of my life and of course very critical to keep me sane, I went completely wireless, at least my mobile life. Business travel for QC35 and day to day for AirPods. Longer business trip, I also bring SoundLink 3 or JBL Flip3. JBL Flip 3 was a gift from R so it’s not easy to use anymore.

Going wireless has bigger impact than I imagined.

  • Can leave my devices in the bag or my desk
  • Saved my hassle of a tangled cord
  • Multi-device pairing for QC35 and seamless pairing of Apple devices for AirPods
  • Expanded use of headphones especially for a commute with public transportation
  • Quality bath time using Flip 3 which is a waterproof.

Well, for my stationed computer at home still connected to my good old Bose M3 but this one, I won’t replace because I really love the sound this little guy is generating.

Now, time to listen some quiet music!


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