I’m back

It’s been a while since I touched my blog. After day 67, things got hectic and I didn’t even have a courage to come back.

Anyway, I am back. I am back with broken heart again. However, this time, it’s different. I cut the rope as well. So, her heart must be broken as well.


As she said, which I agreed, we would walk our own way. Separately. No reason to hurt each other anymore. Past is past and we need move on. I surrender.

Well, show must go on.

So, I have read couple of books – to minimize emotional turmoil – The kind worth killing: Novel, The happiness track, a Korean book about Minimalist and half way through Deep work.

Reading books with different subjects under the sun ray in isolated area really helped. Not only stabilizing the emotions, but also enabling me to think deep.

Now, I am back on writing. This blog as well as my private journal.

With these two and physical and mental exercise, I will be alright. 🙂


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