Day 67 – Final

My journey is almost reaching the final destination.

Medication dropped to 2 pills only and taking anti-depression every other day. Seeing the doctor also quite reduced to almost once a month.

Comparing the early days, I am pretty sure things are much better and I feel much better. Physical fatigue, mental stress and broke up in relationship was the beginning. Now, I recovered both physical and mental health.

More importantly, I think I recovered the relationship part as well.

Before broke up, I had indeed happy times but it was under inconsistency and anxiety. Rooted from the barrier both of us could not overcome.

When we talked about the future in BKK after coming back from the vacation. To me it was walking the road towards the dead end. From there, everything went to down hill.

However, I am not sad or regret anymore. It was a good memory and that’s it. Time to move on. There are many ways to make me happy and sadly I realized that she’s not the one who gave me the happiness.

Maybe couple of more months later, I can smile on those memories. Like other significant events in life in the past. Maybe we meet again in the future. But, I gave up and live as it is.

Now, I am back to the minimalist and will pursue the goal slowly.

Let’s move on.


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