Day 50

Cannot believe it’s been already 50 days since I walked into the hospital after I found something was wrong with me.

Even though lots of things have been happening – work and personal, but I think I am making some progress. Still there are concerns and bitterness in my mind but I am not quite sure whether it’s from disease or it’s from just emotions. Or mixed.

Keep worrying about R and her refusal creates this. But, not much I can do.

Anyway, today I learned again that sleeping is one the most important thing for healthy life. Last night, I only slept 2.5 hours and work / travel / meetings whole day. Entire day, I have palpitation and depression. To keep awake, I drank coffee a bit more than usual and this worsen palpitation.

I think sooner or later I need to quit coffee. But I am not quite confident about it. Drinks, alcohols, losing R and now coffee. I have nothing left…

Hope I can recover tomorrow after some sleep tonight.


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