Project Minimal

Thanks to wonderful neighbor country, I woke up by national alert that the country is blanked with fine dust + yellow dust. National alert means “don’t go outside”.

So, I have been working on a little project – improving my room for additional piece of mind. It’s not a simple project cause there are many problems to solve first.

  1. Trash all unnecessary stuffs – pretty much removing all those boxes and trashes in my office room, so that I can easily move remaining stuff to my bed room
  2. Draw some draft layouts for combined room – I am going to buy new furnitures to further introduce minimalism as well as make my room as fortress – working, reading, writing, listening and watching movie easier way.

And, it’s done.

Of course I have more to trash to get rid of. But after spending almost 4 hours to sort out pile of trash for recycle and to go down back and forth to the basement to move those sorted trash out, I achieved the goal so it’s done for the day.

After a little break, indoor gym exercise, I am going to research those sites to get inspiration to complete the drawing.

Let’s keep myself occupied.


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