Day 44

The key difference of atypical depression with other depression is that mood can be improved in response to positive events.

I have been using this uniqueness to improve my mood – trying to expose to positive events. Or, if those events are not available around me, I have been trying to create one.

Looking back Happy habits that I wrote, now I totally understand my subconscious was fighting against this hardship. The other thing is this “atypical” thing is why having R in my life has been improving the mood.

Now, it’s been changed.

Adjustment disorder is 180 degree different in a sense that mood cannot be changed by positive events. Actually, this events could me more stressful. So, I have to stay away from R to protect her.

While wishing her recovery, I have to find additional ways to recover myself.

Meeting friends for some good food and visiting trendy It spots was one option and it worked a bit. At the same time, I really like minimalism / black & while simplicity, not to mention bookstore with much intelligence in it.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset
Ryuichi Sakamoto CDs

Life is short and I cannot give up or stay here like this.

Let’s move on again and again till the end of this painful road.


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