Day 43 – Day 1

R has been diagnosed as depression and adjustment disorder. In short, depression from external stressor. I am the part of the stressor.

I feel terrible.

I have been relying on her more day 43 days and I was afraid of being down, I didn’t reach out to her. What a coward. I regretted a lot and came back… but I guess it was too late. I am sorry.

Well, whole day, I have been trying to stick to the habit, which keeps me sane (?). Otherwise, I will be go deep down = worrying so much of her as well as feeling bad that I cannot do much to help her. The worst part is this guiltiness.

She kept saying once I recover so I will put 200% effort and get out of this first. Then pull her out as promised.

Today’s my Day 43 and her Day 1. R needs quite & no stress time. I will just support her indirect way, behind her….hope you feel better soon baby.


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