Day 38

Nice 22K walk today. Talking life, joke, plan for the future and healthy lifestyle while walking is a bless. Make a perfect finish of a day.

However, important thing is enjoying this as it is. It’s not a responsibility, it is a bonus we have. Means, sometimes we won’t have it. That’s fine as it is. Living at “right now right here” concept is all. Just enjoy it when it’s available. When it’s not available, enjoy life with something else. It won’t change anything – especially the mind and care of each other.

38th day.

More stabilization and peach in life. Downtime is getting reduced and I don’t have to run all the time to prevent this.

Good memories started coming up which makes me smile even in difficult situations.

Journey to cure this disease continues now with momentum. Move forward until I can completely get out.


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