Walking in the morning

Quite fascinating thing was we are thinking really alike. Not just thinking in the same way, but also timing of thinking. So many ditto moment even if we are physically far away.

This morning, I received a message about the importance of well being / survival from R. I was actually thinking exactly same thing on the bench before got this message.

Were here before many times, but never had a chance to view the river from this angle, this slow pace. We actually didn’t even know this view exists. This kind of thing made me thinking about why different angle and flexibiiity in life is important for well being. We need to place a plan here and there in our busy life. It doesn’t have to be grand scheme blue print kind of thing. Just a little thing that we can try and keep us alive.

When I was done with this conclusion, R sent me a text – same thing.

That made my day and that leaded me to saftely complete today as well.


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