Day 33

I know it’s too early to say, but I feel like I am on a fast track recovery mode. Less fluctuation and stronger control of my feelings. Particulary a stressful situation like today – both emotionally and logically.

Even better, I keep trying to find a timeslot to relax and enjoy what’s happening right now and right here. Which results in less “unnecesarry” thinking. All those tears, all those angers, all those down mode, now I can feel them are coming and how to deal with them. Yet figured out completely, but now I see the hope.

But, as my therapist said, there would be a bad day or two, or more, but I guess the poing here is practicing to deal with those bad days with less damange.

Hey baby, I am almost there but you can count on me right now cause I want to hold your hand. Then, try to pull you out as you did it for me, in a hard way. Okay??


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