Here I go

Short trip with critical mission to achieve. The pressure is high but the team and myself must win the battle.

However, more important thing is I need to survive. This trip will be a true test of what I have been practicing to pursue my recovery. Survival is simple. Basically not repeating previous mistakes and execute what I practiced.

  1. Maintain calmness – Last time I becaome too emotional and it leaded to drink alcohol. As practiced, I need to keep myself occupied. My body will be tired but this is only I got. Keep focus on the core goal.
  2. Sleep more – Due to lots of physical exercises, fatigue accumulated and didn’t have much sleep and rest last week. Through calmness, I should get more sleep, taking advantage of “dark curtain” and sleeping aid in the hotel.
  3. No procrastination – Complete to-do or open items at the moment. This has been working well and today is a good day to clean up more long time to do list to further tideness,
  4. Lead by example – This time, at least my commrades are with me. They understand my style and are aware of my disease. By leadership, maximize team work and show how real team works to other participants
  5. Exercise and be healthy – Somewhat overlaps with calmness thing above but I need to keep improve my physical strength. This is the fundemental for everything.

Now written down this. It becomes official and I have to commite. Because, I have someone to take care of. She’s struggling and waiting for my recovery.

Here I go again. Let’s do it.


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