Day 29

To continue yesterday’s success, I did same thing – keep myself occupied with something to make sure I can stay away from negativeness. Either work or my own stuffs, I didn’t stop.

But problem is by doing this, I am physically and also mentally very tired. My fear is what if those stuffs that make me calm or positive won’t work anymore. Also, how long should I maintain this tightness? What if this kind tiredness also piled up?

Yes. Indeed it’s better than before but this is another thing I need to think about and come up with some plans to deal with it.

Taking extra good care of me will result in recovery. But, I need to be smart to distinguish between what is good care and what is another form of abuse of myself.

Thinking forward, short international biz trip ahead and once return lots of agenda to digest, I really need to be careful so that I can at least maintain this pace as well as gradually improve so that I can delegate more to staffs with some comfort…

So that I can be ready for the road ahead. Hand in hand, with improved personality and sane mentality.


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