Short thoughts on tandem bicycle

Tandem bicycle, usually good date course for couples, especially good weather like today. Maybe I will have a chance to have a date like this (will I?), so I observed them today a bit closer and found it quite amusing.

Dual horse power
Most of couples, man drive and both man and woman pedal together.FullSizeRender 8

Truck driver
However, I found a few couples woman posed like this. Yeah yeah you can take a rest but I saw this couple do this more than 5 minute. Maybe not a couple – taxi? LolFullSizeRender 9

Talk a lot never do actual work
Sounds familiar…… My preference.. (just kidding).FullSizeRender 12

I know. Bicycle is good for forgetting about him or her…. Pedal! Pedal!FullSizeRender 11

For baby (애기)
Yeah.. A little embarrassing but this is going to be for you ☺️FullSizeRender 10


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