Day 25

Again, huge progress today. Gaining some momentum here.

Tomorrow, I will see my doctor in the evening. It’s been a while. I was thinking about what to discuss – so many stuffs happened so I need some time to summarize this.

Mostly I am going to tell him my experience of stepping back and observing how I react to outside. As my therapist said, I will ask him if I need a professional one but I doubt it. Cause my therapist is not just giving me instructions / advices, but she’s putting her heart and has been taken care of me.

The other thing, which is quite new as of today is, about this allergic reaction that I never experienced before. I am changing so much of my lifestyle and the seasonal variables (pollen allergy) or the medicine I have been taken so far…

Lastly I will tell him about the homework – drinking excuses. I think I have far better plans than before.

Well, tomorrow is Monday and I failed pretty hard at work last week. Lesson’s learned so I think I can handle better tomorrow.

Let’s see.


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