Day 24

Today, the beginning was not good but I put lots of efforts to turn around and I think it worked pretty well.

Two main activities I did to recover from morning disaster – playing piano and riding bicycle.

  • Playing piano has been in my internal wish list for really long time. Actually my wish started from any instruments other than piano but eventually returned to playing piano. Today, researched what to practice and just began!
  • Riding bicycle was actually my main hobby before this company. Today, while enjoying spring breeze and slowness that bicycle brought to me, I realized why I started riding bicycles back then. Not this serious but same reason. I wanted to breath and at that time riding near the river during Sunday evening with group of people was fun

Actually, working on something completely different and with clear goal and also enjoying nature has been working quite well for me.

Huge progress?

The big difference is whether I have a hope or not. And Day 16 brought the hope back to me. From now on, it’s time to take care of R, especially her stress and physical health….


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