Day 23

What a day. At work, works under my roles and responsibilities are beautiful. With my Brazilian comrade, we set every single detail process and it will be optimized going forward.

However, out of my boundary is living hell. Lots of shits coming and disrupt the calmness and efficiency I am trying to bring up.

How to protect myself from this other than protection from my therapist or self-control?

So, today, at the peak of stress, I walked to the piano school next to the office. Door to door, it was 12 minutes. Teachers there are very kind and listen to what I need.

Told them I am not here to master piano. Just need something other than work that I can be passionate about and piano is one of the thing I always think about. They said there are many people like me.

But, I cannot decide the starting date of lessons. Decision problem one side and I don’t know about the future – where I will be next week or after. Visibility is so low at this moment. Another thing I need to work on….

No matter what, I am going to switch at least some portion of my brain work on non-work related hobby. Morning or evening exercise have been nicely set as my habit. Now, it’s time to put another habit so that I can escape from this agony and drinking problem as well.

Good sign is, as soon as I left all this behind, driving back home, I feel safe and separated. Maybe, I am improving a little by little.


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