Something I cannot say – part 2

Been thinking about relationship for a while. 

A relationship that involves only love and care. Not, a relationship that also creates negativeness such as jealousy, unnecessary worries, doubts and disappointments. 

I would call it a mature relationship. 

The foundation, to me, is believe in the love one’s receiving. Not love that goes out, but love that comes in.Feeling and realizing this inflow of love is the key.

Stepping back a little from “self”, not focusing on what he or she gives out, but more focusing on how much love he or she receives from, then one will feel and realize how much love is there.

Sometimes love comes in different forms. Actually lots of different forms – care, feeling the same pain, patience, selected songs, patience and on and on. 

If there are so much love & care, explicitly or implicitly, one should believe in that love and that person. If this belief start growing, one should follow the belief without questions and doubts. Just let it grow, then all those negative things will go away.
Once this strong belief in love is there, it does matter where, when or what they do. Cause no matter what, heart belongs to each other. Belonging heart cannot be changed that easy.

If the relationship is mature enough like this, one doen’t have to say “I love you” all the time or ask the other person to say so to prove the love. Since implicit or indirect way of showing love is more meaningful. 

More importantly, if they think in a similar way, each one already knows and synced up, which is more beautiful.

Just lessons learned and where I am heading to. 


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