7 foods good for hyperlipidaemia

  1. Shiitake mushrooms – Contains 16 Amino acid and 7 of them are essential amino acids, which our body cannot synthesize.
  2. Eggplant – Lots of Vitamin P which removes stickiness in blood.
  3. Cucumber – Lots of fiber and boost detox. Also filters cholesterol during digesting
  4. Mung bean – Lowering fat in blood and good for heart. Bung bean pan cake might be a good food. h12049011_z
  5. Garlic – The other bad cholesterol other than LDL is triglyceride (so called TG and TAG). Garlic has a direct effect to reduce TG and also good for heart health. Highly recommended!
  6. Onion – reduce the risk of heart attack
  7. Peanuts – Lots of unsaturated fat – reduce the risk of heart attack. And Vitamin E supposed to help improve blood circulation.

Please eat well.


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