8 lifestyle changes to manage LDL level

We will work this together like before. Like what you are doing for me. Cause no matter what it’s better together (lesson’s learns in hard way)…

  1. Reduce your stress – one of the root cause for every thing. This article might be helpful for us.
  2. Eat small and eat often – avoid eating too much, eating too late and eating oily food
  3. No drinks – oops
  4. Regular exercise – fast walking is the best. Daily exercise to burn 300 – 500 Kcal is the minimum. Fast walking is always better than running or slow walking.
  5. Eat more fibers! – vegetables with high fibers
  6. No salty food
  7. Vegetable based oils
  8. Avoid too much carb – White rice, noodles (especially wheat basis), potato basis and sugar, and those cookies or cakes, drinks (soda) or even sweet fruits

*Ciggy is something not even worth to mention so not including here.

Eat well, sleep well and laugh more!


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