Day 12

3rd visit to the hospital and today was quite promising. Some progress and some still needs improvement. Asked about the binge drinking and changing personality issue and answer was as expected, walk away.

The doctor recommended three excuses to avoid drinking. This is my homework until next session.

5 minute journal is another booster for me. I planned two things that would make feel happy and actually more than 2 things happened to me.

So much care I am receiving and this unconditional care makes me repent more about my past. I don’t know how to make it up for my therapist. But, I have a plan. Hope this makes up all her efforts and care. Fingers crossed.

Well, a bit afraid about the business trip I have to go. The place full with deep memories. Every single place, I will find at least one memories. I know it will be not easy and will make me cry again but as I was told many times, it will be a good tears.

A little hectic near the end of day but I am good. I don’t feel alone anymore and I am well equipped. In positive note, it will be a good business trip for improving both maturity and my mental health.


2 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry!
    If you ever get stressed out, think about the “flexibility”.
    If you feel lonely, talk to your therapist and I’m sure she will help you.
    So nothing to worry about.

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