Day 11

Quite a nice day today. Only a number of burst of tears but those were good tears. Tears with memories and good feelings.

Today, started with good conversation with my therapist. Catching up here and this. It was a good start. She sent me a great link and talked about the drinking problem. Alcohol and personality changes

I knew she hesitated, worrying that I felt offended, but I didn’t. Actually, I felt very warm cause this is how much she’s thinking about me.

With this warmth behind, I decided to go out to walk in the temple. It was unusual nice day and I knew walking under the sun is helpful. Walking but try not to think much. Just enjoyed the sun ray, the near spring and breeze.

Then, had a sweet conversation, recommending songs each other. Maybe it’s my imagination, but all the songs recommended by R, the lyrics has some meanings. Positive hope for me. Even if it’s my imagination, I feel so warm and touched.

Today, even evening & night time is okay. It’s so different than yesterday. Or day before. Perhaps there are many other reasons, but I know for sure.

I am not alone.


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