Ghost in the shell

It’s been a while watching a movie in a proper movie theater during work days, especially in the afternoon. Having relaxing time at less crowded place felt great.

More over, this reminds my old memories I have forgotten about.

How often I had a good time with friends with diversified backgrounds. Hearing and sharing stories of other’s life, reading a book or talking about a movie over a cup of coffee or tea was something I forgot about.

At certain point, I have been excluding myself from this. Maybe from external reasons and also from my internal problems. Instead, I spend more time just staying in the room, keep watching movie or reading a book, avoiding meeting others, obviously not a healthy way of life.

It’s like a ghost in a shell. Locked in myself, just worrying about others, while I am missing out what other’s are doing. Then, blaming others that they have a life but I don’t.

It’s time to break the shell and get more proactive towards the world. And set me free.

And, stay away from alcohol…


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