Respond not react

Something from today’s morning meditation.

Mindful about what getting into me and decide how to respond, not react immediately.

First thing is of course be aware of what’s entering me and calmly digest what it really means. Then observe how it influences my mind.

The most import criteria for digesting is whether it’s under my control or not. If it is under my control then do it or receive it without further thinking.

If it’s not my under my control, there is not much I can do so leave it there and let it go.

Lastly, if it bugs me and about to bring me down, the best option is not hiding and removing the bugging part.

But, this afternoon, I failed. Something I need to work on.

Thanks for good advice again. I am counting on you and it’s always better together…


2 thoughts on “Respond not react

  1. Yes, it’s always better when we’re together and you can count on me. We will walk this through together all the way till the end. Just hold my hand and wait for the time goes by. Everything will be alright…trust me!

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    1. I know it will be a long journey but since you are next to me, I am not afraid. It’s been great when we are together and I will hold you hand tight till the end of this agony…


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