7 Happy Habits

She advised to do something that make me happy. That advice lingering my head and makes me think actually what are those. So, here are the 7 habits that make me happy;

  • Reading books – my favorite gadget Kindle and the cover 🙂 Traditional paperback books are also good especially books make me think
  • Watching movies – movies with IMDB score 7.0 or above. But, sometimes anything above 6.0 is good enough
  • Exercise – 7 minutes exercise or going to gym for cardio or mix of easy strength exercise about 45 minutes. Also exercising minimal level, like 7 minutes everyday makes me moving forward
  • Bath – half-body, hot bath about 30 minutes is one of the best way to have “reading” or “relaxing” time. Try to take bath everyday whenever possible
  • Eye shopping – Filling up wishlist is fun. But, always saying “someday or next time”.
  • Chatting with R – talking good things and funny things with her makes me feel good. We fought a lot but actually having a good / lovely conversation was far more than fight.
  • Bus ride for commute – getting to the bus station is painful but once hop into the bus, I can fully rely on the driver and the routine. I can watch people outside through the window or take a short nap
    *Listening music is not included as it is the basis for everything…

One thing I cannot write anymore is having a delicious food with R. All those reactions, joy of the tasty food and chitchat with full smile.

Old wisdom is always true – blessings are not valued till they are gone. But, if think positive way, respect and love is greater from a distance.

Let’s fix the disorder first…


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