Day 2

To further reduce the complexity in my mind, I am in process of de cluttering my work and home spaces. Cluttered environment most of time distracts and creates unnecessary stress, just looking at or thinking about it.

From this line of thoughts I like GTD‘s braindump into Inbox concept as well as general minimalist approach.

Less is more.

Again, it’s not necessary to clean up everything at once like before. Step by step, area by area will be good enough. Need to remove “perfectionist” mind set.

Lastly, another important thing is today is just day 2. I am in a long journey for happier myself. Little success is important, however, I also need to be prepared for “crisis” for long run.

If I face a stressful situation and everything collapses again, I will be deeply disappointed and not be able to come back.
Let’s manage better. And thank you so much for grabbing me from hell.


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