Finally I am giving up and admitting that I have been sick since mid 2016. Tried lots of things to overcome this but now I know it’s beyond my control. Time to seek help.

  1. Mood change – up and down but mostly down these days
  2. Anger / aggressiveness – hatred towards people
  3. Panic attack / hopelessness – losing confidence of everything, palpitation from time to time
  4. Physical aches – headache / low back problem
  5. Sleeping disorder
  6. Binge drinking
  7. Lethargic – don’t want to do anything / not interested in anything
  8. Negative thinking

There could be many reasons why I am sick but one of thing for sure is I travel too often too much and put up with lots of stress from work and personal matters. Frustration and fatigue piled up. My mental and physical has been screaming since long time ago to slow me down but I didn’t pay attention to my own SOS.

No more sacrifices for others. No more blaming others. I am the one who is responsible for this.


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