“I’m leaving soon”

Focusing on others. Don’t seek the appreciation. Appreciate others.People are helping you. Don’t say why I did XXX and complain because I was the one made decision.

After all this.

Then, she’s simply saying that she’s leaving soon because of unfairness and frustration.

I believed my teacher but that same teacher showed me the opposite way of what she taught.

My frustration is because I am the one who have those flaws. Her frustration is because others unfairly treat her.

I am bad. Others are bad. But she’s good. She’s always the victim side. I have flaws to fix.

This is how she’s been thinking of me.

No wonder why anything that is opposing her view / idea was treated as attack. Because with this view in her mind, I cannot tell any advices or opposing her ideas because I am bad and she’s good. Bad person cannot advise to good person.

Finally realized why I feel sometimes inferiority.






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