After the disaster, it has been really difficult to live a life. Because the life before was always with her, after she’s gone, it is totally different thing now. Used to start and end everyday together, we traveled together, we worked together, ate together, laugh and cry together, we fight together.

Everything was together before.

Now, walking alone in the dark with emptiness and regret.

Agreed. It started with word and destroyed with word. Communication is everything. Sometimes blessing to boost love sometimes cursing to destroy everything.

All this “lessons learned” are coming through after we are not together anymore. I was so dumb that I didn’t know and learn these mistakes.

This thin line of communication is only thing left. I did another “self focused” “attack” last night and almost lost this thin line of communication. I know this line is my lifeline. Without this, I don’t know how much or how long I can hold up.

So, stupid me. Please stay positive, please support her to stay positive. Do not attack her for no reasons. Just be up front. Show the love to her, not twist things and focused on “me get hurt crab” anymore. Focus should be her who I love, not me!!

Stupid me. Don’t forget this again. If afraid, keep writing this concept again and again.

I need to be 6 years old soon!


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