About “word”

A word brings fight
A word brings reconciliation
A word brings happiness
A word brings tears
A word brings calmness
Each word has its own heart
Everything is starting from a word

Once again, another insights from R. Why I didn’t learn this much when R had given me lots of insights? Why I am living in such regretful life?

Anyway, 八正道 (āryāṣṭāṅgamārga) is what I recalled – 8 things we need to work on to live noble life and saying right is number 3.
1. 正見
2. 正思惟
3. 正語
4. 正業
5. 正命
6. 正精進· 正勤
7. 正念
8. 正定

All the problems we are facing are coming from others. And what we say and listen is one of the main channel to communicate with others. How much poisonous talk I spitted out? Including the one I love?

As soon as I read all those pending books, I need to study the book I keep put aside. There are so much common between Adler’s individual philosophy and Buddhism. Need to connect the dots….


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