Everything was so bright.

So bright that sometimes my heart was beating hard with joy.

Even nothing was promised and exactly didn’t know how it would be ended up, we were happy and so positive.

Times went through.

Deeper relationship with growing love.

Some positive things turned into negative things.

Some care became obsession.

Bright future changed to worries.

Bright future created higher exception and greed.

Then, reality came to remind us where we were.

Worries and future we shared became disappointments and anger.

Physical and mental fatigues piled up.

However, we couldn’t help and support each other.

To keep adrenaline going, instead we fight.

Anger and greed covered us and we attacked each other.

Now, left alone in our own hell with wounded mind and full of emptiness.

Before going into deeper hell, it’s time to recuperate and come back.

Come back with matured and the mind / physical condition of June of 2016.

This is only way to share such wonderful days again.

This is only way to truly care each other and hold hand again to fight against all unfairness ahead of us.

But, only if you are still there. If you are still there for me with same feeling and thoughts like before.


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