Exercise routines for frequent traveler

Being on the road 90% of time, maintaining health is challenging. Finding spot (both time and location) as well as keep motivated is not easy.

I prefer do exercise everyday. Removing the decision process – on which day of the week should I go stuff – is easier.

Anyway, the work-out routine consists of 1) base full body exercise then 2) additional optional modules depending on the mood of the day.

  1. 7 min work-out
  2. 8 min ab work-out
  3. 5 min superplank set
  4. 30+ min gym time

If gym is not available, I would spend roughly 20min+ everyday to work out 1,2 and 3 routines. If too busy or tired, at least trying to do 7 minutes.


Dear travelers.

It’s been sometimes really challenging, busy make adjustments for different foods / weather, home sick and so forth. Let’s maintain healthy body & mind for survival!!


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