Here comes 2017

Based on this experience, the motto of 2017 is “focusing on essentials”. Make body and mind in an optimal stage to learn more, have some fun and enjoying life in a frugal way.

Here is the list.

  1. Be agile
    Continue to maintain sober mind, avoid black-outs
    Remove toxic from life
    Train brain
  2. Keep the routine, my routine not others
    Be less influenced by others
    Keep morning and evening routine as much as possible
    Say ‘no’ more
  3. Write everyday
    Write everyday at work and personal
    Think more to write better
    Feel more to write more
  4. Read everyday
    Read 2 books / month
    Keep the highlights / points from reading
    Maintain a reading log
  5. Exercise everyday
    Try to include more outdoor exercise
    Stretch more
    Increase muscle a bit
  6. Minimize everything
    Combine devices
    Dump unnecessary thoughts, emotions as well as stuffs
    Simplify overcomplex processes
  7. Learn new things
    Study Japanese everyday
    Learn cooking
    Learn something totally new things (TBD)
  8. Have some fun
    Say ‘no’ more
    Be myself and maintain my style
    Find something totally new fun (TBD)
  9. Smile more
  10. Save money
    Track money spending everyday
    Start investment again
    Don’t waste money

Hope I can keep more than 80% of them.


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